Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy, improve your speaking skills! 


Haunting a language course in Italy is the perfect way to practice  Italian after attending a course in your hometown or to catch some words if you are on holiday. I have studied 2 courses to help you to practice the Italian language in Bologna:

The lessons are arranged for one or two people maximum in order to give full attention to the students, to cover grammar gaps and to give you the confidence to speak Italian without the fear of making mistakes. These are not boring academic lessons, they will give you the chance to live and learn Italian in Italy, they will be pleasant and informal, but always professional and full of happiness!

What does Learning Holidays Italy believe in?


  • Learn Italian in an efficient way: at Learning Holidays Italy each student has a tailored study plan.


  • Study Italian support: each student will receive personalized feedback on their learning progress and tips to improve


  • Lessons one on one: customized Italian teaching is the key to fast and accurate results


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