About me and Learning Holidays Italy

Ciao, my name is Martina and I am here to help you learn Italian in a natural and easy way, step by step. 

I am the Founder of Learning Holidays Italy. Before becoming an Italian teacher, I was a language student so I can understand how difficult is to learn and speak a language. 

Graduated in Foreign Languages from the University of Pisa in 2001. Then, I received my Cedils certification from the University of Venice. This certification allows me to teach Italian to foreigners privately and online. With my Italian conversation courses, I prepare students for real-life communication by improving speaking, pronunciation and listening skills.

I love traveling, foreign languages and different cultures. During the University, I spent some years between the UK and France living and working as an au pair.  These experiences moved me to create Learning Holidays Italy.

Learning Holidays Italy is a language project of Italianlessononline.net .


Education Background

CEDILS Certification from University of Venice

– Foreign Languages and Literatures from University of Pisa

– HR Master Degree from Stogea Lucca

– Social Media and Digital Marketing Master Degree, EUROPA INNOVATION Business School