New Year’s Eve in Bologna: il Rogo del Vecchione

rogo del vecchione bologna
credit wikipedia

The holiday season is around as well as the amusing celebrations. If you are going to spend New Year’s Eve in Italy, don’t miss the outdoor events of Bologna in the Emilia – Romagna region.

New Year’s Eve in Bologna is really amazing and cheap if you decide to rent a flat and if you are not a fan of the organized itinerary. You can organize your New Year’s Eve in Bologna by yourself choosing what to do googling “Capodanno [2020 (or some other year)] a Bologna”. Our dear Google will show you the various performances in Bologna during New Year’s Eve.

So what are you waiting for? Make you ready to greet the New Year’s Eve in Bologna with fireworks, some fun, dance, and music.

One of the best traditional event in Bologna during New Year’s Eve is “Rogo del Vecchione” (Burning of the Old One). The event takes place in Piazza Maggiore, just downtown. Here, you will love artistic performances and live music waiting for the arrival of the new year looking the old one burning.

Usually the “old year” is represented by an old man or an old woman during “gli anni bisestili”. It is set in on the square and burned. The bonfire evokes the separation from the bad things of the year and the welcome of the new.

If you wanna discover more about “il Falò del Vecchione” I suggest to give a look to this Wikipedia page in Italian and practice your Italian reading 🙂